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5094 Commercial Dr
Yorkville, NY, 13495


Tri-Med Massage is located in Yorkville New York, once known as Pure Harmony Massage, Trina Lazarek LMT is the owner operator. 


Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

25 MINUTES $40 - 55 MINUTES $70 - 85 MINUTES $100

Custom Massage

We incorporate a variety of massage techniques and modalities to meet your individual needs. Get what you want out of your massage. We offer individualized sessions that can use a variety of  techniques for relaxation, pain relief or sports recovery. Orthopedic massage and stretches are incorporated along with many relaxing techniques to not only treat a condition your dealing with but also to relax and rejuvenate.

Services to add to your custom massage include:

  • Cupping therapy

  • Essential oils

  • Magnesium spray for muscle relaxation

  • Arnica 

  • CBD oil

Adding cupping therapy to your massage has many benefits. It acts as a toxin removal, inflammation reduction and can treat athletes suffering from many conditions including plantar fascia.

Detox Massage

Certified lymphatic drainage (vodder method by AOLS) uses a light pressure technique that increases your bodies natural elimination of toxins.This is a very soothing, slow paced massage that will make your whole body feel relaxed while achieving a great result of decreased  toxins in your body that slow you down. Breast cancer survivors with arm swelling are sure to benefit from this as well.

Massage with Steam

Custom or detox massage of any length with the addition of a 30 minute hot steam tent covering the whole body except the head to complete the treatment and reduce arthritis symptoms or general aches. Great for rheumatoid arthritis and Raynaud’s disease or for anyone whom loves the heat.

Full Body Stretch

Compression and passive stretching are applied to the whole body while fully clothed. Be sure to wear gym or yoga like clothing. A variety of modalities that include Acupressure points, Thai massage and shiatsu are intertwined to bring you an energizing way to recover from sports, work or sitting for long periods.